How to Install a Thru Wall Skimmer on Intex Pool

You should attach your Thru-Wall Skimmer to the side of your Intex pool where it will act as the intake to allow water to get into your pool filter system. A Thru-Wall Skimmer is one of the most convenient and easy to maintain pool apparatus.

Purpose of a Thru-Wall Skimmer

A Thru-Wall Skimmer acts like the first line of defense that removes debris in your swimming pool. When water passes through this skimmer, large debris and leaves are trapped in the skimmer basket to prevent them from reaching your pool filter system. The water will flow into the filter, where fine particles will be removed.

The Thru-Wall Skimmer weir door makes the more water to pass via the skimmer, which removes more floating dirt compared to other skimmers. Besides, this door is able to keep the dirt inside the skimmer basket if the pump is off – it cannot float back into your pool.

The door also helps to control how the water flows into your pool pump and prevents excessive air from entering the filtration and pump system. This means that theThru-Wall Skimmer allows your pool’s system to function optimally and efficiently.

The Thru-Wall Skimmer also allows you to hook up your vacuum hose when you are cleaning your pool or read more what is the best robotic pool cleaner

Installing Thru-Wall Skimmer on Intex Pool

You will need to follow three main steps when installing your Thru-Wall Skimmer on your Intex swimming pool.

Step One: Preparing the Pool

Fill your swimming pool with water to about 2 feet so the liner can be stretched. This will ensure that the liner is in the right position.

Note that you cannot shift the liner after installing the Thru-Wall Skimmer.

Step Two: Assembling the Skimmer

If the Thru-Wall Skimmer doesn’t come assembled, you will need to assemble it before you install it. Follow the manufacturer’s assembling instructions.

Step Three: Installing the Skimmer

The last and the most important part is to install the Thru-Wall Skimmer on your Intex pool. Follow the following steps:

  1. First, you need to place the face-plate at the skimmer cutout. You can do this from the outside of your pool. Reach the top of the rail and press the face-plate as well as liner against the skimmer and gasket cutout in the wall. Using a blunt object, create the 3 corner holes at the top. Place 2 screw at these holes (self-threading flat head screws).
  2. Slowly push the screws via the holes. Align the skimmer with the screws from outside of your pool. Tighten the 2 screws.
  3. Use a blunt object to create the other holes in the pool liner. Place and tighten the other flat head screws via the face-plate, liner, and gasket and into the skimmer holes. Tighten the screws.
  4. Use the skimmer faceplate to guide you when cutting the excessive liner.

In Conclusion

It is very easy to install a Thru-Wall Skimmer on an Intex pool. You can try the above steps and have it ready within a short time.

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