How to Get Iron Out of Pool Water: Fixing Brown Rusty Water

If you dive into your swimming pool and then notice your nails and hair getting stains, would you ignore that? The answer is no – no one would like to swim in such as pool. 

What is actually in such a pool is excess iron. And here you can learn a few ways of removing this rusting element from your facility.

Methods of Removing Iron

There are a lot of solutions for removing iron and other metals from your swimming pool. However, the right way depends on the analysis you get from your pool. 

That means you should get your pool’s water tested before you try any of the methods we have discussed below. So, what are these methods?

1. Shock Treating the Pool

It is critical to seek professional help before you shock your pool to remove iron and other metals. Generally, this process can include two things:

  • Non-chlorine based shock
  • Chlorine-based shock 

After deciding which among the two options you will use, you should then use a clarifier to treat the water. Also, read the label carefully to see how you should go about it.

Here are some standard methods that you can follow:

  • Oxide the iron in your pool by using shock.
  • Let the metal settle – it will separate from the water to form rust.
  • Vacuum the rust from your swimming pool.
  • Ensure that you run your pool for 8-hour when shocking.
  • You can also scrub the walls of your facility if they are stained.

2. Flocculent Method

The method works quite effectively to give you a pool that is free of iron. Here is what it involves:

  • Backwash the filter.
  • Determine the amount of flocculent you should use – 6,500-gallon for one-quarter flocculent.
  • Add the product to the water.
  • Leave it to attach to the iron and settle at the bottom.
  • Remove the rust that has settled at the bottom using a vacuum.

3. Prevent From Oxidizing 

The third method will ensure that iron is not oxidized. Hence, 

  • You should add a sequestering agent or chelating.
  • Let the agent create complexes with the iron in the water.
  • The metal won’t oxidize.

4. Iron Remover Method

Another method you can use to get rid of iron from your swimming pool is to use the iron remover method. Here is what it entails:

  • Shut the pool to ensure that no swimmer will get in.
  • Turn the filter pump on.
  • Let the current chlorine to drop by ensuring that there is no fresh chemical added.
  • Make sure that the chlorine level reached zero.
  • Reduce the pH of your pool to 6.8 ppm by adding a pH reducer.
  • Determine the amount of iron remover to add in your pool – 5000-gallon for one-quarter of the remover.
  • Leave the water to circulate overnight.
  • Increase the pH level to between 7.2-7.8 ppm.
  • Your pool is now clear of iron and can now begin your regular maintenance like adding chlorine.

In Conclusion

We hope that you can now head to your pool and get rid of iron. Follow any of the methods we have given above. 

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